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You may trailer your snowmobile and drop at the following locations:

  • Rush Creek Alehouse (Parking Lot across the street; DO NOT PARK AT RESTAURANT) - 5381 Abbott Rd Hamburg 14075

  • Chestnut Ridge Park (Newton Road Side Only) - 6399 Newton Road Orchard Park 14127

  • HSC Groomer Barn - 2980 Lakeview Rd, Hamburg 14075

Trail terms:

Limited: Marginal snow on trails, open water holes, early season conditions.


Trails are rideable, NOT groomed! We usually tend to have limited trails in the beginning of our season before a BASE is formed. If we are not able to form a solid base of snow for the year, the trails usually stay in a "limited" or "fair" state. Having no base means there is no packed/hardened snow between the ground and your snowmobile!

Fair: Light base of snow, some open water holes

Trails are opened to ride, the base will be very light, and you may experience some open water or bare ground conditions. We usually have "fair" trails when we have gotten a good snowfall to ride on, with sparse snow for a few days/weeks afterwards. Also, temperature warm-ups can affect these trails VERY QUICKLY. If we have "fair" trails, and we experience 1 or 2 days of above freezing temps, the trails can diminish to almost nothing in a very short amount of time!

Good: There is an established base that is groomed, and almost no water holes or bare ground

Good trails are what we strive for! We want a solid base(6 - 12"), and fresh snowfall every few days to maintain that base. This allows us to go out grooming every chance we get to keep those trails SMOOTH! Having good trails that are groomed often leads to a great season of riding, along with happy riders!

Excellent: Extremely established base with zero water holes and no bare ground


This is something that is very rare around here! Excellent trails have a very established base (12" or more), with zero water holes or bare ground conditions experienced. We can groom daily/nightly, and keep the trails as smooth as possible. With our snowfall numbers recently, and the very in-consistent air temperatures, excellent trails are something of a rarity in these parts. Lets hope we can one day say that our trails are excellent, though!

Descriptons of Trails:


“The Gateway to Snow Country!”


The Hamburg Snowmobile Club (hereafter, HSC) maintains approximately 54 miles of trails within the Towns of Hamburg, Eden, Orchard Park, Boston, and Aurora. In accordance with New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (NYSOPRHP), the following definitions apply to the Hamburg Snowmobile Club Trail System (or HSCTS).


  • CORRIDOR CLASS A SECTIONS: A corridor trail is a “through trail” connecting to other trails in a manner similar to the interstate highway system. This main trail type connects villages, towns, cities, counties, and/or state parks, and should pass near service stations, repair shops, restaurants, and lodging. Overhead clearance is maintained at a minimum of 12 feet and sustained grades and slopes at a maximum of 25%. Corridor trails are classified according to width (Class A ≥ 12 feet and Class B ≥ 8 feet). The HSCTS has roughly 39 miles of Corridor Class A sections of trail and no Corridor Class B sections.


  • SECONDARY CLASS A SECTIONS: A secondary trail is usually designated to lead to a corridor trail at some point. This type may be one or more trails branching off from the main trail, originating from a local trailhead, or providing access to necessary facilities not accessible directly from the corridor trail. Overhead clearance and maximum grade are maintained the same as the corridor trail. Secondary trails are classified according to width (Class A ≥ 12 feet and Class B ≥ 8 feet). The HSCTS has nearly 15 miles of Secondary Class A sections of trail and no Secondary Class B sections.

S41A (Junction ER8 to ER21):

Watch for re-route and New Trail signs!!

Junction ER8 is where the HSC and Eden Trailblazers trail systems meet. From there you can head North to Junction ER21 towards our groomer barn, or South on tral C4A towards Colden/Boston/Springville.

S41A (Junction ER21 to McKinley Rd Boyscout Pond):

This section is on the western part of our trail system and runs North/South mostly along the side of the I-90 on the powerlines. This trail does not typically get much snow cover, but when it does, it provides some nice straight and flat trails. This trail Dead Ends at the Kwik-Fill on South Park Rd. There is a bar/restaurant (Townehouse) across the street if you dare cross Route 20. There is also a club trail from Southpark Rd to the Hamburg Boyscout Pond on McKinley Rd, where we are trying to provide parking for a Trailhead. 


S47B (Junction ER6 to Armor Inn):

This section of trail runs north/south, on the eastern side of the Town of Hamburg, and into Orchard Park. You can park/drop from the Armor Inn and ride into the southern portion of the NYS snowmobile trail system.


C4A (Junction ER6 to ER125):

This section of trail winds North/South thru Orchard Park, Boston, and into East Eden. It is usually one of the higher traffic sections as it connects Chestnut Ridge Park to the Southern Tier portion of our trails and beyond! We try to groom this trail as often as possible when we have rideable snow.

C4A (Junction ER125 to ER8):

Watch for re-route and New Trail signs!

This section of trail is very important to us. This trail provides access for 2 great restaurants, one of them being the East Eden Tavern and Smokehouse, which is huge sponsor of ours!! Also, you can grab a bite to eat at Schunks West Hill Grill, another great sponsor, just down the trail as well. This section runs to Junction Erie 8, which meets with the Eden Trail Blazers club.


C4A (Junction ER6 to ER137):

This section of trail runs East/West through Chestnut Ridge Park in the town of Orchard Park, and comes out onto Sherff Rd. You can park at the Newton Rd entrance to the park, and ride out from the plowed parking lot. This is a heavily trafficked section as you have people parking and riding, and also have a lot of thru traffic coming to/from the Colden Trail Riders trail system.


C4A (Junction ER137 to ER5):

This section of trail runs north/south thru the town of Orchard Park and the Town of Colden. Our trail system ends at the Junction ER5, where we meet up with the Colden Trail Riders trail system.


S42D (VFW Trail):

This section of trail branches off of trail C4H in the town of Hamburg, and dead ends at VFW Post 1419 on Lakeview Rd. This section also runs right to our Groomer Barn, so we have made some great improvements to allow the groomers to access the barn.

S47 (To West Falls):

This secondary trail runs East/West to the town of West Falls, and dead ends at the old Tombstone Bar and Grill. This trail provides riders from the town of West Falls to access the snowmobiles trails, and also runs to a Bar/Restaurant that is being re-modeled.

S47A (To Southern Tier):

This trail runs North/South in the towns of Eden and North Collins, connecting our trail system to the Southern Tier Snow Drifters trail system at junction ER124. In addition, you can hit trail C4, and run to the West towards the Boston Forest County Park, where our trail system meets up with the WNY Snowmobile Club of Boston.

C4 (Junction ER124 to ER126):

This trail runs East/West thru East Eden and Boston, which connects us to the WNY Snowmobile Club of Boston @ Feddick Rd. 

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