2/4/22 - Winter returns

We received anywhere from 10-12+ inches of snow between yesterday and last night throughout the entire trail system. It is snowing lightly still this morning. This is/was a heavier type snow, so it should pack well and add to our base (or what's left of it)

We will be opening around 8am! We have to get a couple gates opened around Chestnut Ridge Park. Thank you for being patient about the decision to stay closed last night. We lost a few hours of riding but I think it was beneficial, and from here on out we should be good for a while!

Please be mindful of the road crossings, the banks may be built up with the plows clearing the roads. Ride safe and Ride Right!. Groomers will be out later on!

1/21/22 - Burr!

It's a cold one! Looks like we hit 0 degrees last night. Our trails seem to be holding up great, grooming on Wednesday night helped with that! We did not groom last night. The base is thin and hard and we really need more snow to work with, hopefully we get some soon.

Trails should be decent tonight and thru the weekend. We expect more traffic with the weekend so it might get beat up a little bit. It is very icy so be CAREFUL!! Thank you, ride right and ride safe!

1/20/22 - Back to Cold

We had 2 groomers out last night. We hit C4A from the Colden Split (Junction ER5) through Chestnut Ridge, down the gas line and over to the Eden Split (Junction ER8). We also covered S47 (West falls trail to Old Tombstone) and S47A to Feddick Rd (Boston Forestry).

Thank you for staying off the closed trails yesterday, I believe it helped preserve what little base we do have, which ranges from 2 to 6 inches. Best snow is up near Chestnut Ridge and down S47a to Forestry. It gets thin in some areas so be cautious.

1/19/22 - Little Warm Up

Been Slacking on the updates! We had a nice storm roll through on Sunday into Monday that brought a good 8-15 inches of snow throughout the trail system. We were able to open all the trails and get most of them groomed. They did take a pounding with the lack of base, some corners are almost down to bare ground. Good thing its frozen!

Bad news - Today is a little warmer with a chance of rain... Seems to happen every time we get snow. Fortunately, the temp will drop tonight and then it looks good for the future. Lets hold off on riding today until the temps drop back down.

1/10/22 - Let's go Winter

As you all see, the warm up Sunday killed any and all snow that was on the ground. Fortunately, it did not rain too much and the cold came back relatively quick. Not sure what today or tomorrow will bring snow wise. Tug Hill is getting hit, but we don't seem to be getting as lucky. The rest of the week looks to be decent, with Wednesday bringing a little warmer air in, then dropping back down to below freezing at night. Trails remain closed, obviously. Last week we did a bunch of work clearing trees and pounding stakes to make sure they were all ready for snow. Thanks for your patience, lets hope this week turns around and we can get this season started!

Trail Report 2021-2022