We had a great run this year! Unfortunately the warm weather and anticipated rain may wipe the trail system out. In addition, the long term forecast is not looking good for the remainder of the year. Thank you everyone, we hope you were able to enjoy the trails this season! We are looking forward to next year already!!


We are closing trails Thursday and Friday in anticipation of the warm weather. We understand there is a winter storm warning, hopefully that storm hits. If so, we will be able to open up for the weekend. 

1/29/21 - Trails are Decent

Last night we sent a groomer from Junction ER5 (Where we meet Eden Trailblazers) on C4A south to S47A/C4 to Feddick Rd (Where we meet WNY Snowmobile Club of Boston). We used hay and snow to create a snow bridge across a large water hole that was giving us some issues. This should harden up nicely and solve our issue for the season! We will be addressing this water hole in the spring time to hopefully resolve it for the future.

Trails are in pretty good shape. It is a little thin @ Chestnut Ridge park, but once you head up to Colden/Boston the snow gets much better. Heading towards East-Eden/Hamburg it gets thin where we cross Rt. 391, but the trails are holding up nicely so we should be good for the weekend.

We are going to try and get all the opened trails groomed up for the weekend. Stay tuned!

1/28/21 - More Snow needed!

We received a very small dusting of snow overnight. We could use about 5 more inches to make some great riding conditions! Hoping we get some snowfall today thru tomorrow. Trails should be nice and hard with this cold weather, we just need the snow, as the base is very thin, and icy.

1/27/21 - Trails closed

We worked over the weekend trying to fill the big water holes with hay. We did this over on Cole Rd near Omphalius, and also in the Chestnut Ridge trail going out towards East Eden/Hamburg. Trails closed last night (1/26) due to a diminishing base and warm weather conditions. We will be laying hay out in another big hole near Feddick rd, before we meet with the Boston Snowmobile Club. Pray for cold temps and SNOW!!

1/22/21 - Do your snow dance!

We had crews out last night filling in a water hole on C4A between Eddy and Omphalius Roads. The hole was filled with hay, and then snow was plowed and packed in on top. We also had crews in Chesnut Ridge park fixing water holes going towards East Eden. The colder temps the next couple days should help freeze the ground up. Trails are holding up, we could use some more snow to give them some more life

1/21/21 - A little warmer today!!

Trails are shaping up. There are still quite a few big water holes that are typical with early season conditions.A Groomer went out last night and packed/filled in water holes From the Eden junction (ER8), south to trail S47A, and all the way to Feddick Rd, where our trail system meets up with WNY Snowmobile Club of Boston. We also had another groomer out doing C4A from Chestnut Ridge to where we meet up with Colden Trails. (Junction ER5). It was cold last night so we are hopeful the trails set up nicely. With warmer temps today, we are hoping the trails will hold up. More Cold coming after today!!

1/20/21 - Looking good!

We received some more snowfall, about 3-5 inches over night. Groomers went out and packed/checked trails last night. Hopefully they set up nicely, and with the additional snowfall, trails should be in decent shape! Look for updates on when the trails will open! Thank You

Trail Report 2020-2021

1/19/21 - Trails are closed

We received some more snowfall overnight, with totals now ranging from 5 to 10 inches throughout our trail system. Unfrozen ground and open water holes are a burden. We will be sending groomers out to pack/check trails and allow them to freeze up overnight. We are hoping to recieve more snow later in the week. This, combined with the cold overnight temperatures should allow a good base to form. We should have good riding this weekend.