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1/6/23 - Not ideal!

Not much to update trail wise - Have a large tree to clear on S42D heading towards the groomerbarn. Working on keeping trails clear for when we do get rideable snow. A light blanket of snow has covered the area, providing some nice views, but nothing that helps us out. Looks like some 40 degree days this week, that'll wipe it out and have us starting from bare ground yet again.


This week is safety week! Although we aren't riding, lets all take some time to think about the best ways to stay safe while riding. Of course, you want good gear that keeps your warm. Maybe bring and extra pair of gloves/socks a spare balaclava if you can fit them somewhere!

The Federation Ride-in is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, January 22nd at the Erie County Forestry on Genesee Rd, weather permitting...Unfortunately it doesn't look promising!

Keep doing that snow dance!! 


Trail Report 2022-2023

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